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oh. (laughs) after all, the greatest love stories are the ones that last forever. -- captions by vitac -- it's friday, november 29. this is bay area news at 7. black friday shoppers were joined by hundreds of protesters at an east bay walmart. paul chambers joins us. paul, the protest did not end well for some. >> very true. the protesters left within the hour for 5 of them, it wasn't pleasant, because they were taken in by police for blocking the streets. >> here's the scene as police
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cuff and escort 5 protester for civil disobedience. they say walmart employees are not paid well, compared to many life on government assistance. >> they get food stamps. they can't afford housing. >> reporter: pamela davis was one of those taken into custody. she says it was hard to make ends meet when she worked at walmart as a manager. >> i had to take on a second job. i had two part-time jobs. >> walmart claims # 9% of its employees make more than minimum became, paid on average $11.33. >> that's a poverty became. they are having to take on second jobs, they're having to use food stamps, rental assistance, other public programs to get by.
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>> reporter: walmart managers said today's protests were peaceful. they're not surprised the protests took place on the same day as black friday. >> we understand they want to use today to get their message out. we dope like it, but we respect their right to do that. >> reporter: protesters say they don't want people to boycottball part, they just want to pressure them to their employees enough to live. here's a look at what consumers had to face for traffic on black friday. from 5 to 8 p.m. tonight, two b.a.r.t. police officers and 6 community service agents on are hand at the westland oakland station. >> a lot of time when people are coming off the trains with lots of bags, they're trying to
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get their keys out, they just aren't as away airs they normally are. we're just here to remind them of those important facts. >> b. a.m. r.t. operated its full length trains today. the u.n. is asking for more aid throw re build the devastated economy of the philippines. shoppers in san francisco had an opportunity to help. this particular campaign has raised $200,000 so far. >> if people can doe gnat 10 cents, a dollar, it goes a long way to provide food, shelterer, and immediate needs such as medicine. >> earlier this week, thai noon haiyan killed 10,000 people and caused 5 million to lose their source of income.
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two overnight accidents in the bay area killed pedestrians. a man tried to wokwalk across a freeway when several cars hi him, killing mill two of the drivers that struck him cooperated with police. the others did not stop. a woman struck by a truck on i- 80 has now died from her injuries. she was crossing 7th street when she was hit. the victim was taken to sf general hospital where she died. an early morning fire heavily damaged an adult party store. flames broke out at about 4:15 at the party time store. crews knocked down the fire in
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about half an hour firefighters suspect an electrical panel sparked the blaze. firetrucks slowed traffic for black friday shoppers. with the holiday shopping season getting underway, there are new warnings from police to keep mobile devices under wraps. but a lot of people are not heeding police warnings. >> black friday is san francisco's union square mean lots of holiday gift, and shoppers stag on their phones. >> the cell phone has brought crimes to all-new levels. >> crime in san francisco is at app hull-time high, pray primarily the left of electronic qietion device with vienlt results. >> poem are basically waving
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around $400 in their hand. opportunists go for it. >> reporter: police say reliement of the prison system means more of the inmates likely to commit these robberies are back out on the street. >> when they're released back in the general population, we're seeing this increase all across the state of california. >> do you keep track of who's around you or where you're walking when you're using your phone? >> not really. i probably should, though. >> reporter: police were out in force in union square this afternoon, handing out these flyers, warning shoppers they could be robbed in an instant. shoppers say they'll continue using their phones in public. >> just keep a good grip, be aware. >> reporter: the good news is the homicide vat down, and even with bump in property imlienls are making more arrests. san francisco police are
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piecing together a motive that led to a police chase and deadly shooting. the neighbors in one east san jose complex pointed out the blood-stained trail where two men and a woman scrabblabled out of a city unit. >> they climbed out and came knocking on my door and said please, call police and an ambulance. we're bleeding a lot. >> sores tell us the stabbing victims are recovering at regional medical center. the attacker hijacked a mini van. when he tried to ram a police car, the police officer opened fire and killed him. the name of the 42-year-old male suspect has not been released. the holidays present a chance for those in the bay area to help out those in need. we kicked off our annual one warm coat campaign. maurine is at one location on
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santana road. >> i have some new numbers to deliver to you. i want to tell you that all over the bay area, we have collected thousands of coats. in awe, we've collected 700 coats. ball nut creek and broadway plaza, they have more than 200 coats dominated. overall, we had 1276 coats donated. you're seeing some girl scouts bagging up all the donated coats. what's interesting is these coats will stay in the south bay for a variety of people from young to old, those who are down on their luck who need to stay warm. we've seen such kindness throughout the day. girl scouts, huh a message you
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wanted to give to viewers. >> thank you south bay. >> thank, girls. we're so thankful for their help. you can find more information on our website, reporting live, maureen mailer. >> we have donation spots where maureen is. we had john sasaki located there earlier. each site will collect coat thrust the end of the year. san francisco mayor ed lee is on his way to indiana. had will meet with government and business leaders as part of the san francisco-bangalore city initiative. the mayor's trip tine is scheduled through december 5. the president and first
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lady visited today immigration activists who have been on hanger strike outside the white house. the president and mrs. obama sat with a dozen activists. the fast for families protesters had given up all food. they're giving up drinking water in hopes of urging congress to pass new imtbraition reform laws. the president has told the group it's not a question of whether immigration reform will pass, but how soon. hear what plaid friday is all about. and a stunning achievement by a windchill-bound man. >> another cloudy day, but some patchy fog right now. the warmest day of the weekend, and the timing of major cooldown on the long-range weather map. ♪
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thousands of people crammed into the san francisco union square for the lighting of the tree. it's adorned with 1100 ornament and 33,000 light. this is the 24th year for macy's tree lighting. macy's is trying to raise money for the make a wish foundation. donations can be made at the store. noel walker talked to experts about what makes some people want to fight in the crowds an wait in line to shop on black friday when they really could be shopping any other day. >> reporter: on your mark, get
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set, go. black friday has turned shopping into a competitive sport. k tirks yaro says black friday shopping is like a football game. it releases testosterone, and get ours competitive juices flowing. >> it's more important than just scoring the deal, it's actually winning. >> reporter: but these those door-busting deals can also trigger autonomic nervous system arousal. that's the fight or flight reaction you get if you encountering a growling bear, causing someone to react and run. fortunately, most black friday shoppers aren't running over people for deals. >> did you have to fight anybody for that? >> no. >> today, we're look for a good deal, like 50% off, 80% off. >> reporter: but many to wait
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in line, both in traffic and outside of stores. and believe it or not, that's not such a bad thing. >> there's also camaraderie when people are waiting in line. there's a way people know each other and are connected with each other that makes people part of a community. >> reporter: a community practicing goodwill and patience. >> is it worth it? i hope so. >> reporter: in livermore. , n noel, walker. >> consumer website nerve swallet warning shoppers of common tricks used by retailers on black friday. they say original prices hay may be inflated. the retail e also may be constitute touting derivative product, lesser models expressly manufactured for black friday. and get ready for sticker sock when the savings aren't shown on the register.
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a grassroots effort to get shoppers to neck forget black friday and instead go to plaid friday it's an alternative to black friday that tries to get people to shop at local independent stores. >> we hope that people will come. oakland's economy has really benefited by increase red tail and sales. >> plaid friday has grown into ing i big deal for local shoppers. black friday cards are being handed out. customers who an ipad will receive a $150 gift card for other apple product. the dow lost 11 point today after 5 days on the upside.
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the nasdaq added 15. trading overall was light. a a man from danville has achieved something very few people have done. but it was how marcus loffler was able to climb el capit ark in. >> reporter: steve loffler admit he is seems like he needs a lot of help. >> 99% of the time, people say i need help. i beg to diver. >> reporter: it's easy to see he has always done what he's set his mind fop he graduated from u.k. davis, he's married with two great kids, and started his own foundation. >> i don't ever let anything stop me anything. >> reporter: steve set his mind to doing something absurd.
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he decided to dliem the 220 foot route up el capitain, and make a movie called loffler's ascent. and he is not a climber, he has a fear of height, and has see reach ball palsy. a good climber can go about 200 feet in app 2 days. >> -- can get up in 2 days. >> how far did you get on the first day? >> 400 feet. >> on the 4th day, it got more challenging. >> e. >> i was almost passing out, i was dehydrating, and more. >> reporter: but he had to finish, because he had made a promise. >> i wad was doing this for
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some kids. i couldn't get quit. >> reporter: he take kid into the wilderness to show them what's possible in their lives. on day 6, steve got to the o top. >> when he got to the top and was safe, i fainted. >> reporter: the climb and the movie are meant to raise money and awareness for the loffler foundation. i asked steve how the kids reacted to his reaching the top. steve couldn't answer. but his wife said the kids now see steve as a champion. >> these children can put a face to their own optimism. they can put a face to their own hope and necessary own self- expectation. >> reporter: loffler's east ascent has won 46 awards at film festivals. steve says his accomplishment shows you can do whatever you
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imagine. >> impressive. let's turn to our bay area weather. a lot of people have been asking about the weekend. mark? >> it's pretty warm out there. some lower 70s for the second day in a row. as far as temperatures from this after, they range from the upper 50s in san francisco to the lower 70s. the latest right now on live storm contractor, you will notice the last few frame been the fog regrouping. that will be a factor in our forecast. this weekend, patchy morning fog, hazy sunshine. san francisco starting tomorrow morning in the upper 40s. nixes week, get ready for major
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dropoff in temperatures. san rafael checking in at 46 degrees. upper 40 those 50s across the area. everybody cool off a bit tomorrow morning. san francisco, 46, san jose, 43 degrees. high pressure on its way. -some hazy -- we have some hazy sunshine on its way. you will notice the cold front won't it hits. the warmest locations will struggle to reach the low 50s. the main impact for us, a drop
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graff in temperatures. temperatures for saturday, a lot of 60s out there. look ahead at your 5 day forecast. >> imagine being slapped with a fine for writing a bad review online. that's exactly what thoopped one couple. we'll tell you who fined them themselves and why similar fines could be coming. you can still watch conversation tvu newscasts op your tablet or dpeurt. go to or download the app.
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a horse-drawn karylg differenced a christmas tree to the white house this morning. the first daughters and fist lady were on hand to receive it. some people in the south bay have an opportunity to spend the holidays at home instead of in jail. it's called operation second
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chance. if people durch themselves in, they will get gnaw court date and be released. with cyberrer monday coming one ab couple in salt late city is warning shoppers to really read the fine precipitate after a negative review of website affected their credit rating. the palmers say items they paid for never arrived and the traction action was canceled. they poted a negative review online. clear view told them they would have to pay $3500 unless they took it down. the palmers review physed to pay, and clear strewview reported them to a selection agency. >> apparently, we're not the only people they have done this to. we're just the only ones that are fighting back. >> o a consumer torn has taken up the case.
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such clauses on the rise, but lawyers say none of them would hold up in court. coming up later tonight, an office marks his 100th arrest just this year. tmz is up next here on tv 36. aaçó@
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> okeydoke. you get a lot of crap last night? i'm going to help you get healthy. here's how i'm going to do it. i have clues here for the various celebrities who are the subject of our show today. i will put them on the ground and then you are going to do push-ups and you're going to do push-ups at the same time you read the clues. once you no longer can do the push-up, you lose. if you win, you win a bottle of champagne. first matt, come on, man! ok. and go! >> this girl model,
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